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When you really need a Lawyer, the most important thing of all is that you find a  experienced Lawyers who is right for you. You need a Professional that can give you the service you need, who has the experience required to deal with your problem, who is available when you need them and who you can work with. Your number one consideration has to be Find the Best Lawyer for You.

This means that you will need to consider a wide selection to make sure you get the best lawyer for you.

Our aim is to give you the best choice possible. This means we make our service accessible to as many lawyers as possible to give you the widest choice possible, we publish customer reviews, Legal professionals can engage with you directly and we encourage lawyers to highlight the particular skills and experience they have that can help you.

We can get you a far better solution, far faster and for Free!

With our expert interview forms you only need to explain your problem once and we will collect all the information needed. That means you save time and you get the best free legal advice possible. You also get a direct response from every lawyer so you know they are interested in helping and you can judge who will be best for you and then contact them directly by email or phone. 

In the unlikely event you don't like any of the Lawyers who respond just tell us and we will contact more for you until you find what you need.
As soon as you provide some details on what you need help with we get working. We match Lawyers to your needs by specialty and/or location.
You can choose the right Lawyer by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles on each Lawyer and connect with them directly too.
If you need more choices just let us know, we won't stop looking until you are happy.

Get a Advice Faster

There are hundreds of thousands of lawyers in the US, imagine how long it would take you to find a good match for your legal problem, finding each one, contacting them, explaining your problem and discussing it many times? 

First Instead with our simple Expert Interview Forms we ensure all the information a lawyer needs is collected and we only do it once. This means that you can get a lawyer much faster and you only need to explain your problem once and we will collect all the information needed.

Time is money! Save Lawyers time by presenting the information they need right away, this means that instead of needing to second guess the circumstances or to cover a range of possibilities they can focus on what matters. That means you save time plus you get the best legal advice possible because the lawyer can spend his time advising you and not collecting information, not second guessing, not covering a range of circumstances that don't apply. 

Second you get a direct response from every Lawyer so you know they are available and interested in helping you right now.

Soon after you have supplied details of what you need, you will receive responses from matching Lawyers interested in helping.  Compare details from their listings, get more details and learn more about them. Review the responses and judge who will be best Lawyer for you, then contact them directly by email or phone to make an appointment.

Get a Lawyer Cheaper

Lawyers have very high costs to run their businesses and guess who they have to charge for those costs? You guessed it you! Ultimately these costs have to be recovered from clients, if we can save lawyers costs by doing some of work they do more efficiently then they can be more price competitive which saves you money too. 

So how can we save lawyers money?

With our Expert Legal interview Form we gather the information they need to be able to advise you in a Free consultation. Otherwise Lawyers either have to interview clients to gather information themselves or pay a skilled paralegal to do it.

By saving lawyers money and time on marketing.
The time involved in online marketing is simply huge and what's worse is it's getting harder to find customers now than ever before and even if you spend a huge amount of time marketing online there's no guarantee it will be successful, lawyers undergo a hard professional training that most people could not complete but they often don't have enough time or interest in digital marketing which itself has become a very specialised and competitive field.
The cost involved in legal marketing in particular is staggering, a search engine network like Bing or Google auctions advert clicks and the costs for lawyers are some of the highest costs of all, it might cost $15 just for a client to click an advert! On average out of every fifty website vistors will become a customer, so the lawyer could pay search engine advertising fees of $750 ! That cost has to be charged to the customer plus all the other marketing costs too.

What we do is try to minimise all possible costs by doing all the marketing as efficiently as possible ourselves. As a professional marketing company we have the experience and knowledge to do this. We offer our platform for free, more than 95% of our advertisers pay nothing at all, which means you pay nothing for marketing. The remaining members pay minimal fees for extra exposure, features and services and we spend all of that money on increasing exposure for Freeconsultations.com so that we can offer the best legal services to as many people as possible.

We hope that you will join us in supporting our hardworking lawyers and attorneys to provide the best legal advice as cheaply as possible by using Freeconsultations.com

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